Top Notch Ceramic Trees is a 3rd generation family business in East Stroudsburg, PA.  In Budd Lake, NJ my grandmother and mother started a ceramic studio teaching classes on how to make ceramics.  It was at this studio where my father met my mother.  They created the Top Notch name.

Since starting in 1981, Top Notch has had many changes to it, from making little ceramic farm animals to promoting craft shows that took over entire hotels.  Growing into mostly a manufacturing and wholesale company, Top Notch has always liked going to craft shows and meeting people that once had or still have a Ceramic Christmas Trees that “their grandma (mom, aunt, cousin, etc) made.”

Now, a new generation is in the process of taking up the family tradition with Top Notch Ceramic Trees.  We are hoping to make our parents proud and continue the high quality and low cost that Top Notch has always brought to people.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Top Notch, Thank-you so very much!!
    I have a friend that absolutely loves the Christmas season. I wanted to send her something that would be uniquely special to her.
    Top Notch had just the custom made tree for her.
    When it was delivered, she was so Thrilled!
    She just loves it!
    Alexandria Kenny, thank-you so much!

    Beverly Peltz


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